Wilting like society over the stresses of life.

Wilting like society over the stresses of life.

I wanted to capture this photo because I felt like it really expressed how things seem to be going in England where I live. Wilting. Everyone’s always so stressed, angry or upset from the harsh reality of what life is , lesson after lesson, you start in play school/nursery you move to infant school and junior school then secondary school or high school then college . For some people they think that is when your lessons end. All I know is you never stop having lessons, you never stop learning, you never stop wising up, and you never stop believing no matter where you live, third world countries where there is little food and resources and harsh weather or England where everything is always at a struggle, everyone getting in debts and the government failing to karma, going back for years and years.


I got pork, got lamb, got it all

I got pork, got lamb, got it all

A shot of a butchering knife, hack saw, filleting knife and boning knife in macro edited to look morbid, daunting and textured.Have you ever seen the Dexter Tv drama series most popular in the USA? This photo makes me want to re-watch ┬áthe series through again. The reason why I took this photo is because what you see in this image is exactly what I imaged in my head of this scene , the collection of items are so cold blooded. And the reason why I had this to take a photo of isn’t because I’m a psycho killer living in the sticks in west Cornwall blogging all day, its actually because I’m training to be a chef in Penwith College in Penzance and this was taken during a lesson where we had Lentern Butchers demonstrating how to cut up a pig and a lamb and showing us each individual cut. Let me know what you think of this .