Enjoying the game ..

Enjoying the game ..

My name is Jake Baldwin I am a Photographer and Editor currently based In Cornwall,I am 17 years old nearly 18 on Febuary the 12th,Most the time im with my girlfriend Nicole staying with her in Mousehole and my parents where i also live and stay sometimes is in Newlyn ,both Cornish fishing villages. I have been doing photography as a hobby since i was about 13 years old and thats when i got my first camera ‘fuji s6500 dslr’ and ever since i have been doing photography as a hobby and sell the odd bit of my work.I used to want to go to college and university and study photography but i decided cooking is where my true passion lies,and my career path leads.But i am still really into photography and only recently i became into Editting as my girlfriend does photography as one of her four subjects at college and she is taught to use photoshop so i now use a range of different editing programs to edit my photos.My First Post is on water movement but through my page i will show you different types of photography such as Lanscape,Urban and Industrial,Architectural ,Macro ,Nature and More .

Links of Recommended Photographers.- http://nicolecrosaraphotography.wordpress.com/tag/photography/

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